It’s Pride Month. Normally I don’t go all out. AJ feels a bit like she’s just jumping on the bandwagon. But the subject is close to her heart. Somewhere along the journey of raising kids, AJ has accepted people love who they love. It’s not a bandwagon. While AJ is 100% an ally, she has no journey to share, no coming out story, and it feels wrong to write mine. Which is why I don’t really have a coming out story. 

I am bullied by my society for the same reasons that you in the real world are. Names are called in passing, but AJ tries not to step on any feelings or inaccuracies. So we don’t go into it alot. I have a billion other issues we can focus on instead of that part of my journey. AJ doesn’t write about that struggle. I am proud of who I am sexually. I never hid who I was. It’s not socially acceptable in my world — but I didn’t care. I was already an outcast from the moment I was born, so why should we focus on that.

But AJ learns and wants to share two charities with you that mean a lot to her. The story isn’t hers to tell — or mine. But The Trevor Project and Free Mom Hugs provide services that mean a great deal to AJ (and to me)

The Trevor Project is aimed at supporting teen LGBTQ+ individuals with a big focus on their mental health and suicide prevention. It means a lot to AJ that they exist and are there for children who need help. 

And well, Free Mom Hugs — that’s a big no brainer, as a mom AJ believes all children should be loved unconditionally and knows the power of a hug. And as a plug later this month AJ is going to write a drabble that dips into Pride Month and specifically with me attending a Pride parade and the Free Mom Hugs movement in a time I need that hug, but you’ll only be able to read it if you subscribe to AJ’s new newsletter. We plan on sending that out on June 23rd!

So whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or just an ally, AJ and I are here for you. We love you. We support you, and we are here for the hug even if it’s virtual. Be Proud!

What are some LGBTQ+ charities and/or organizations you’d like to mention?

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