AJ hit 50K on the next book in the series.

The Call of the Dragon is book 1. And is currently in Edit phase. Book 2 is called The Malum Convergence and is in the writing phase — about half way done.

Today I’m writing for two reasons.

Mostly because I want to touch Alex. Maybe not the Alex in the picture, but I found it highly amusing that todays word at The Daily Spur was touch, and the caption of the picture today was Alex.

But there was no touching in today’s writing — at least none with sexy intent. There was some comfort touching. A hand under my shirt while we lay in a puppy pile with my newly growing family. We can’t wait to share the new bits with you. And The Call of the Dragon, but the story didn’t change TOO drastically from what was posted here, but the order and events did. So a story you’ve not completely read.

Book 2 is an amalgamation of Darwynn’s Law, Taking Back Erebus and Cardinal Omens. It’s finally gonna be the story that Darwynn’s law was supposed to be.

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