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Sorry I’ve been awol. AJ’s been focusing on editing this week. And for the days I’ve missed. It’s not that I have nothing to say, just AJ got busy and forgot. Thus the focused bits lol.

But today AJ received an email from WordPress that has a new monthly word prompt in it. They maybe see the error of their ways. Anyway. It’s a good word this month and we’ll try to pull it in several times this month as a way to bridge our content and daily word prompts with those who may not know about it. If you used the word (bridge) don’t forget to tag #WordPrompt to get it into that feed.

AJ’s having Word read to her (She can’t wait for that feature to be implemented in Dabble — no reason to use Word ever again lol)

There was a funny incident in the reading. Where AJ had the word ‘I’ in the middle of a sentence, and Word kept reading it as ‘one’ — as in the roman numeral one. In the middle of a sentence! Not exactly in lockstep with reality. But it’s working to find those stupid words we read over as we edit. Shelf instead of self. Adding in extra words. The reading isn’t great, the punctuation makes me cringe sometimes. Not sure if those commas that are ‘required’ should be required but it’s grammar right?

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