The Malum Convergence


So yesterday I made a quip about AJ making a lame book cover. It’s hardly lame. It isn’t the one we’ll use in the end, but we really like the look. For the final look AJ will probably a rendition of me on the cover and add some magic. But for NaNo it’s really cool. We’ll throw out the velvet ropes for the The Call of the Dragon when we are ready to start marketing that. But for your viewing pleasure. Camp’s book cover.

All the images can be found in this unsplash collection.


  1. It really is a cool cover. It has an interesting, dream-like quality to it.

    Side note: I randomly ran across a song that gave me Alex and Nox vibes. It’s called “Pancakes for Dinner” by Lizzy McAlpine.

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    1. Nox says:

      We will have to find it

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      1. You totally should! I’m curious what you’ll think about it.


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