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So it’s nearly April. Camp NaNoWriMo April is right around the corner. AJ has to plot out the next story in the book.

I know I’ve discussed a bit about it before. But it’s an all new book. But not an all new concept. We won’t be pulling work from the previous stuff. The outline will likely pull in elements from them though. We have three working manuscripts to pull from so lots of s tuff to include if we want to.

AJ will likely work on a book cover for camp too. We’ll have to see as AJ isn’t sure what it’ll be yet. But it’s always good to have a cover for Camp. My recommendation for inspiration! Though I’m suggesting AJ do a lame one so we can do a good cover revel for the actual book. But AJ’s not exactly good at lame — well she is, but she wants to love her photo manipulations too, so there is that. It’s a fun skill to play with.

The current title is The Malum Convergence and here is the snowflake summary sentence:

What should have been an uneventful vacation turns into a magical learning experience filled with murder, abuse and lost children, all which the returning son must solve before he can return home to his family filled life.


3 responses to “Time for Camp”

  1. Mason Bushell Avatar

    Wow! Now that is going to be a hell of a holiday! If AJ is involved in all that she is not lame but quite amazing!

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    1. Nox Avatar

      AJ isn’t lame. Do you know what she do to me if I called the goddess of my creation lame? AJ is a perfectionist. She learned to be good enough tho and not obsessive. But I’m going to say she made me so definitely not lame. Yes ego I do have.

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      1. Mason Bushell Avatar

        Hey, we got to have some ego. If we don’t big ourselves up, nobody else will.

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