Not Today

There was no editing factory today. It’s the Friday after a Grey’s Anatomy cross-over event with Station 19 where AJ had to watch Station 19 cause yeah someone went over a cliff in the last Grey’s episode and in Station 19 they saved him — had to watch that.

It’s not always something AJ has to do. And of course Hulu launched itself into the next episode after the last one AJ watched which was very strange to see cause it was not what we were expecting lol.

So this morning there is no editing. It was a late night with a kid’s play happening and ending at 9:30pm. Way past bed time. Tonight is the same. And so is tomorrow night. Sleep is hard pressed this week.

AJ’s feeling it. There is complete exhaustion this morning. The desire to go back to bed is strong. And it’s sad cause that means no planning is happening at night, even a little before AJ tells me to shut up. I was only trying to help lol.




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