Getting Bad

AJ forgot to post for Sunday. We went looking and got side tracked. So sorry.

AJ had a bad night so I’m not going to blow my horn for too long. (sad I know)

Let’s just say anxiety kept her up despite knowing that there was nothing more she could do at the hour. Anxiety is a bitch! But it’s all worked out this morning or near to it that anxiety is hardly a thing right now. Now it’s just lack of sleep and Monday morning.

I however am going to toot AJ’s horn a little. AJ has a very bare bones author site up and running. AJ has a few plans to add in some status type information to the page. But she’s gotta work out the method she wants to use. Since it’s all work from home now, we have less need for always online stuff. Maybe the first desktop app (to phone app) might be in the works. We’ll see. Not that any of you care about that side.

On another note. AJ made a decision and we don’t regret it — though it will be a bit rough for a while. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we MIGHT even actually hit our deadline of finish the rewrite at the end of the month. I THINK we are a bit late on I think AJ said that was end of Jan. Seven days late. But still better than not having it.

There is a newsletter on her site. And AJ’s going to work on something to do to get subscribers. Maybe some sort of freebie but AJ doesn’t want to claim any real insight into writing. That’s what most people do to get subscribers. So we’ll see.




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