Two months

We’ve been posting for two months straight! That’s a nice start to keep up appearances. It’s not a chore when I know what I’m going to be writing. Or rather how I get the topic. Right now you are getting a lot of editing an my comments. Next month you might get something else.

AJ hasn’t taken a wack at the thing we said we would. Today there is a long anxiety ridden drive she has to make so that will quell a lot but AJ might sit down while in the waiting room and take a stab at it. Or she’ll draw lol. Either way it’ll be something.

We’d like to provide something new and unique to the blog on Saturday. But we aren’t sure what. Topics are still rare. But maybe we’ll do a those little scenes AJ’s gonna write in drabble format.

Who knows.

As always if you have a story you want to hear let us know.




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