So I was going to fake a post today and drop in words like I usually do. And while I’m still going to do that I wanted to share with you what you will get this Saturday.

AJ follows quite a few people on writing and today we saw Abbie Emmon’s process on creating your main character’s misbelief. And we feel that’s a good thing to show you all as AJ can work on it all week, and you will have something on Saturday. It’s not new. It’s pretty much something we’ve discussed, but we are going to follow the process and we are going use this to plot out a few of the book outlines going forward.

We are going to probe into my history and show you the deep dark past. It might be a series of Saturday’s as one of the steps is to write the begining of the lie I tell myself and then other scenes that solidified that lie in my brain. You’ve all seen the scenes before but it’s a process so we’ll go through it.

I linked the video above but here it is too:




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