Seeing Patterns



2 minutes

My long time readers will know what I mean when I say I see patterns. (And just to reiterate this is a magical ability and thus fictional — as I am the figment of AJ’s imagination given voice through words on the screen.) But I kinda want to explain what that means.

I struggle everyday with the things I see. Think Neo when he first saw the matrix and then again when he was blinded and saw the machine city — except what I see is on top of what everyone normally sees and it’s all different colors. And it’s not just objects, the air is full of it as well. So there are lights and patterns everywhere in my vision.

My father is a clairvoyant in the sense that he can see the future. But it’s not the whole future. It’s like in the Nick Cage movie Next where he can see the next two minutes of time and can see them all at the same time like Dr. Strange does in Infinity Wars. And our powers as a Venatori are unique to us, but they are handed down generation by generation and everyone gets something similar. Which gets muddled when you start mixing in various Venatori families and abilities. Hunter sees the future in his dreams. And Cass is a telepath like her mother. But I’m sure they both have a little of my the other powers to a minor degree creating a unique blend of things.

My power is seeing patterns. I can predict the future in those patterns. I know when things are out of place. Imagine the TV show Psyche. It’s about observation, but when an thing has a home, it bends the patterns around it. I have an advantage. It takes a while for things that don’t move often to release from their patterns. It strains things in the world around us. It disrupts nature.

I wish AJ could make a rendition of what I saw. And maybe one day we’ll figure that out. For now you’ll have to understand through words.

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