I a bit annoyed at my creator atm. She’s drawing instead of writing. I mean really come on woman I’m the world here, not that dump pencil and iPad!

While I can insist that AJ write me, she’s really doing the drawing because of me. For lots of reasons of which one is she wants to draw well. But because she’d love to illustrate the characters in my story. And she’d love to have a sketchbook that came from me. My doodles and Journaling throughout the years. We could start out now, and have the kids journal, and then as she gets better we’ll have better ones as I’d have done, and might be doing now.

Right now AJ’s drawing shoes. Simple sketches with a blue pencil on the iPad and then going back and inking the lines with a stabilized enhanced inking pen. They are turning out pretty good. AJ is 4 shoes into the 100 she intends to draw. Maybe we’ll pick up ten different ad type shoes, and then hit those same 10 again and add shading to them? Maybe. We’ll see. Right now AJ kinda likes just the line art. And honestly she’d be more of an illustrator and not necessarily a painter. At least that’s our general consensus right now.

Drawing is a good night time thing since it doesn’t require words to come out and watching TV is very doable while drawing. Though AJ will have to figure out a way to get the source item on another screen that doesn’t timeout quickly. Her phone is set to 2 mins and she has no intention of changing that.

And The Call of the Dragon is almost past the epic fight scene between Alex and me — it’s not gonna happen. This version just doesn’t work that way. There is a lot less anger on both of our parts towards each other and what happened those five years prior between us. So yay — no fight. But that means the relationship is a bit different going forward for the rest of the story too. But that’s okay too.



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