1 minute

We have one day left to write in The Call of the Dragon. And by day I mean there are two days of timeline stuff we are writing. This go around AJ is doing things a bit differently in order to keep the timeline straight. So we don’t miss days or such. AJ has used the Days as Chapters, and each scene has it’s own title. AJ will likely have to change how this works in Dabble or hack around with the export scripts to get it to spit out scene names

That means the big battle is nigh. The fight between the Dragon and me. A scene that inspired the cover of the book. We still can’t wait to reveal it to you — but marketing tool and all that.

So only a day and a meeting left. Granted it’s one full day full of plot and romance but still one day. When we get near the end AJ’s gonna give it a read through fix any major issues and send it out for an alpha read to anyone here who wants to give it a go. We will work on setting up a means for anyone interested to read and let us know what they think.

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