All Aglow

So me and Alex won’t be fighting much it seems. In the rewrite of what was the Last Phoenix and is now called the Call of the Dragon (cause AJ wants to actually use that title for a later book — it makes more sense really). Anyway, we are rewriting because the book was romance top heavy and plot bottom heavy. So AJ rearranged the flow of the scenes and we added in a different reason for Alex being in the City before he enters my story. And all of this has turned our conflict into more of a oooh lets make love and be in love story.

We say it’s not a romance. And it’s not we have romantic elements in it and that’s what it should be. It’s not about our romance. It’s about me goddamnit! It’s always about me. I digress. But anyway, AJ’s alpha reader has a Nox and Alex AU and I must say we are all glowing from the amount of sex we are having. (When I say we in this case I mean me and Alex…just to clarify the context).

So much sex it might send us to the hospital. Well maybe not. I doubt we could have that much sex even if I have great stamina being supernatural and all. (Yes a cheap way to use the word I know but deal!)

But now it’s on to the real world and AJ has to make me leave my domestic bliss to go hunt down bad guys and be the hero — can’t I ever just take a break? What? I’m tired of this. Aren’t you? I mean come on, it’s oh there’s a bad guy. Let me try to save him, oh wait he doesn’t want to be saved and attacks me and dies with a flick of my finger. It’s like really haven’t read the book dude! (sorry, I’m getting carried away. I hope that my newer subscribers aren’t scared away with the things they don’t know about and might be spoilers to you…. sorry. But you can read them all here on the blog. Maybe AJ will straighten out the Collections and we’ll post a few more links if anyone is interested).




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