Sorry. AJ had to get something off her chest. It’s been one of those mornings, pre 6am and getting chewed out by a customer for poorly chosen words.

It’s like come on AJ you are a writer, you should know better than to say the same thing back to the person requesting help. *le sigh*

Anyway… That was a scream of frustration on AJ’s behalf that fit well with today’s prompt lol. But it did prompt a bit of a question so there is a wall of text for others to read when they get up in the morning lol.

AJ needs to write now. We have an hour left, and it’s time to delve into the saccharine moments Alex and I have going on just to calm that adrenaline that flows when shit happens. Writing truly is AJ’s coping mechanism. She doesn’t write for you (or me) she writes for herself. And when she doesn’t you can tell — or she can anyway. (Not written proper words in a few days lol)

So we are done with the yelling. And AJ is done with the morning of support. So on to writing and then to coding — the fun part of the day.




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