Out Of Town

AJ is out of town. So my streak doesn’t slip AJ is preposting today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Not that she doesn’t already do that on the weekends. But today is special. And we got to use yesterday’s word to pull in Fandango’s word challenge so that’s always fun.

There will be writing of that I have no doubt, but internet connections might be crap so AJ’s getting them all in now. While the going is good.

We are thinking of doing maybe some Drabbles for our Saturday posts. Something AJ can write up before hand and won’t take long. The problem being we need stories to tell. Maybe that’s one thing we’ll work on while we are out of town. Saturday Drabble list. If any of you out there have any suggestions would love to hear them. Even if they don’t have to do with me. AJ doesn’t mind — I might but she doesn’t.



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