Today’s word is heavy. And all AJ can hear is Michael J Fox saying “Heavy.” in Back to the Future back in the 60s and Doc Brown goes on about gravity and all that being heavier in the future. It’s such a silly moment. But it stuck with AJ through the years.

Today’s been a busy day for AJ. And it’s only 7am. AJ had to do some personal tech things, and laundry, and pack a bag. And get meds all in order along with all other toiletries. And we are still waiting on laundry. So we got no writing in.

We didn’t get any writing in yesterday either. I was content in my moment with Alex. So AJ worked on the book cover for The Call of the Dragon. AJ is in love. It’s great and epic and fits well with what she wanted. But I’m told I can’t share it with you. That it’s a piece of marketing material that we’ll do a whole big thing on for when we go into publish it.

But I have been given permission to share the sketch with you. And the inspirational collection on Unsplash. The images used for the book cover are all in this collection. Can you figure out which ones AJ used?





4 responses to “Heavy”

    1. Nox Avatar

      Assuming you are commenting on the sketch…. AJ sucks at it, she wishes she could draw so I could show my pieces here (but she can’t replicate what’s in her head lol but Photo Manipulation — that’s a thing AJ can do and is getting better at with each one.)

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      1. thewanderingempath Avatar

        I apologize for how terse it was. I meant the drawing, your post, previous posts. You see the world from the perspectives of different people, correct? I just find it incredibly interesting.

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      2. Nox Avatar

        I don’t know how to process that. We agree that it’s great you find the content interesting. This blog is written from the perspective of myself, a fictional character who only exists in AJ’s head. I am her muse, her inspiration, her main character in all of her writing (for the most part). So my words come from a fictional place, but the things I talk about are real. AJ pretends I’m looking through her eyes and see and react to things, and I tell you how I see it. AJ is a shy introverted person who shares herself through writing — my persona makes it easier. You aren’t judging her, you are judging me (and I’m a piece of her imagination) We are glad you are here and hope you stick a round :)

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