Master Chef



2 minutes

One of my favorite things to do is to feed my friends and family. I learned from a three star Michelin chef who owns his own restaurant in New York City. Marco features in many of my stories and is often one of my fathers in nearly ever other AU AJ has ever written. He is a predominate father figure first in the story AJ posted of Zane and Angel at The Stars, Moon and You, and he’s since propgated into my real story and into nearly every other story I’ve written.

But Marco didn’t start out that way in AJ’s head. He’s a rendition of one of her characters Sal who runs a restaurant called Salvatore’s. Another Italian place much the same as Fiore is. It also resides in New York City and you won’t see it featured in any story. This is a world that lives solely in AJ’s head, like so many of her other stories before me. Claire and others will never truly see the light of day in their fictional worlds. They are the playthings that used to lull AJ to sleep at night. Now I’m her predominate story. I live in her mind and take up all the space.

Maybe one day you’ll meet others. The fighter pilot, the girl who loves a vampire, the sassy genius. They all revolve around a single perspective, and in ways they’ve made it into me. Parts of who I am from characters who came before. Strange how we morph and change as we live on in an author’s head. And I may not be real, but I am real enough to know that I am an escape for my creator. I make the world less daunting, and I provide that sense of security when there is nothing else but the torment of being an adult pressing in on you. AJ only hopes to one day let me out into the world so others can enjoy my antics as much as she does.

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