If ya’ll get tired of me talking about the changes in the book, let me know. AJ’s not sure what we should write, but this keeps you informed. I get to spew my feelings about the changes, and you get to see some behind the scene footage of changes as they happen.

I think the biggest upheaval in the story has been Alex’s reason for coming to New York. We don’t clash on everything anymore. And our huge fight is looking like it’s not going to happen. And not because we don’t want it to, Alex’s reasons for coming, our whole attitude towards each other is different and I’m not so stupid as to NOT connect the dots and figure out who Alex is to me based on his voice, his eyes. Seeing him (or was it) in the dreams didn’t hurt either, to help clue me in. But with the plot being shifted into the romance a great many scenes had to be rewitten mostly because things hadn’t happened yet, or weren’t going to happen. But AJ’s okay with that. We actually have a scene by scene record of what is supposed to happen in what order, and we are knocking them out in order. Sometimes we can pull in exact words sometimes AJ doesn’t even bother as the situation changed so much.

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