My Thoughts

So as we pass through this editing you are getting my views on the revision AJ is making. It’s a bridge or an arc, (or is it arch?) to what is going on in the story.

We don’t know when we’ll be done. Aiming for end of Feb to finish the revision. And then work on editing on a minute scale (MRUs). AJ started that but we’ve fallen off since we have so many new scenes we need to write.

Sorry the word for the day didn’t inspire anything. It’s used in a fake sense and I have no regrets.

Today AJ spent the writing session editing my first real date with Alex. We are done with the out of the house portion and working on the taking me home bit. We’ve run into one snag we don’t know how to get out of with the reordering of things — what makes Alex leave? I’m thinking that bit might require a rewrite of maybe a drunk Jace…

AJ has to look up my schedule see what I’m supposed to be doing on Monday’s. We know Tuesday is Meet with Liam day and we have that worked in. But is it just Therapy? I think it’s more. But I can’t remember — or rather AJ can’t remember which means I can’t remember. Go figure.

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