Hard Work

Today AJ wrote almost 2.5K words — a product of hard work but mostly me actually telling AJ what’s going on.

It’s kind of weird going back this far in the story. While it’s the same story it’s not the same. Things have changed, the way AJ’s telling it has changed. And when we go through the edit phase we’ll probably see more of that change. But there is a pretty big rewrite going on, reordering scenes isn’t easy when they flow into one another and things haven’t happened yet, so it’s like writing a whole new scene anyway.

I think AJ is a bit space happy too. Every so often the space bar gets stuck and sometimes there is an extra space in words usually in the beginning of the word. Not sure what’s happening. It’s likely the new mechanical keyboard AJ got for Christmas. It’s so cool. Looks like a typewriter and everything — sounds like one too.

The only drawbacks to the new keyboard:

  1. There is no side number pad — AJ fixed that by buying one
  2. The CTRL key is not where it’s supposed to be so it’s a bit strange to use. But something we can learn to do.

It’s a cool product! (There used it again :P )

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