MaGic Words

There are just some words that invoke imagery so vivid you can’t think of anything else. The word thrust is one such word. I know the definition. And AJ uses it regularly, but my twelve-year-old boy mind goes to the immediate images of sex.

The word itself means exactly what one would do with a phallic object or body part into another body part. Yes I’m being vague on purpose. Trying not to break a PG-13 rating. Might be hard. But AJ’s trying to keep me clean — it’s hard job (pun intended).

push (something or someone) suddenly or violently in the specified direction.

definition of Thrust

The definition doesn’t say it’s not sex…

I thrust my hands into my pockets. Or more so Alex thrust his hands into his hair and tried relentlessly not to pull at it with frustration.

We won’t be quoting or writing what other things Alex thrusts into but you all know my meaning.

Words are meant to convey meaning, but some words are just so much better at conveying them than others. I give props to an ordinary words such as thrust for provoking inappropriate images with being 100% clean but yet so dirty.

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