I don’t suppose I’ve every said AJ is a sap. Not only does she sometimes make herself cry living in my world — her words or stories running in her head will put her in tears.

She tortures herself with sappy shows and movies knowing fully well she’ll cry. We really should buy stock in tissues or keep them around or something. Right now AJ and her love are watching Outlander. It’s been a good show, there are a few characters types/personalities that might one day inspire a character in my world.

I suppose I’m a sap too — though I don’t cry at commercials like AJ. I do like heartfelt and sentiment though. AJ’s going to be tackling the rewrite of book 1 and I’m most eager to return to my own world with this new variation. I don’t know as if you’ll get to see this one. We will see. AJ’s considering Patreon or some other form like that if we share another potentially published story. But I don’t intend to not give you new words here. I think Weekends might consist of drabbles or short stories, or some such — maybe snippets we really want to share. Hopefully you won’t need tissues.

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