Happy Birthday To me



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So today is my birthday! In 2021 I will be 29…. I’m almost 30… holy fuck I’m getting old.

AJ doesn’t have any story to share with you.

But she did make me a play list with songs that mean something to me. And it’s an open collaboration. If you have a spotify account you could add to it too. If you were so inclined. Not necessary but you are welcome to add songs that remind you of me. Not that any of you think of me outside of my blog reading I’m sure. Not like AJ.

Open for collaboration

I’m sorry for going awol for a week or more. Once I missed one it was easy to miss more. And AJ was busying playing Mass Effect (and is still and replaying again to get the right ending) I will probably be awol for a while. AJ’s editing. July she aims to finish the rewrite/edit we are working on. That’s the goal. It will change the story a bit. And My Devastated Heart has actually become cannon and has changed the story up a bit. So a rewrite of book 2 will likely happen. And that means 3 and 4 are likely to change too. But hopefully only edits and rewrites and adding things and not a whole new start from scratch. That’s the goal anyway.

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