AJ is working on the story architecture. The Call of the Dragon was romance top heavy, and plot bottom heavy. So AJ’s reworked it to be more intermixed. Alex leaves the day before I solve the case. AJ’s moved a lot of stuff around, cut out a few grocery shopping trips and completey removed my move to the new apartment. We’ll so that in Book 2 where it’s more about my persnal probems. Which makes more sense. I’m in such an upheaveal flying to Vegas isn’t a probem.

Or so that’s my current running theory. It does set things up for a good this is my life at the moment part of the story.

Hopefully when ya’ll get a chance to read it it’ll be in ebook and paperback. At least that’s the goal.

We are still thinking about stories to offer you every month. You might not get one this month. As AJ will likely put on in the hole first. So we’ll see.

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