Mining for Stories

AJ’s thinking about giving us a story a month here. Maybe post a scene a week. The problem is AJ has to think up real stories to get me into. We are excavating all our resources. (I know the words make it hard sometimes for true real words lol)

But anyway I digress. AJ’s looking into maybe providing you with a series of my past monster hunting adventures. There is always those five years between when I go on my first hunt, and the start of Book 1. There are some stories to tell. Like how I meet Liam and Abby. And how I meet Marshal and Demond at V&M, that’s even one AJ doesn’t really know how that happened. How I help Aramande and Bernstein.

I have stories I could tell with Jaxen and Blake, but those are mostly much younger stories and definitely not for here. But some of them with Blake could be, how Blake gets into helping me with the police thing. Of course there is always issues with me Mia and Jace to explore. And Sage and Dee… And the countless times I’ve helped Ant. Even meeting Tony and Henry for the first time could be fun.

But that’s time away from editing. But that also keeps me sane and not so much in AU land where we can get stuck with the happy romances. There are stories Alex could tell. And problably even Ant. Or maybe my Mother? and Michaela?

I’m still debating on it. AJ even more so. If you’d love to see some of these let us know!

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  1. I’m always happy to see more stories from Nox and his extended group of friends/family. 😊

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