Always a Programmer

AJ is editing The Call of the Dragon! We are adding in a third person PoV Prologue about the bad guys (and me of course, but from their motive). This is to showcase the bad guys, maybe their motive, but to show that the story is bigger than just me.

And as AJ is editing, she’s starting to pay attention ot the emotions and the words we use way too much. Like for instance in the first 700 and change scene AJ used the word growled three times to express frustration. So AJ wants to write a simple program that parses the words of a text file and spits out all the words and how many times they are used.

This can then be used to create essential reports like what words are used to much, or even things like a word cloud. The words can be sorted in order of useage, or even in length of word if that were necessary. Lots of reports.

And AJ can throw the code into some TDD testing. The question more or less is should she do it in her native PHP or in node.js/javascript. Ideally she should learn to TDD in both. Not something I have any idea about that’s for sure.

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