That’s such a strange thing to me. That complete random strangers from around the world are known to influence things because of a social networking platform. You Tubers with millions of followers who basically become social gods.

And this month is Pride month, so there are a lot of LGBTQ+ influencers out there. I can’t say that I can name any, mostly because AJ doesn’t follow many of them. There is also alot of drama around these influencers. So we don’t want to contribute to any of the ones known or unknown to us.

AJ doesn’t feel right doing more about Pride month. I am gay. AJ is an ally and tries to represent me in a positive light. My sexuality isn’t everything about me and it’s hardly a negative trait. AJ sets up most of the prejudice against me as something other than the type of people I like. It’s like the least thing people typically dislike me for. And I’m definitely not your token gay character sincee I’m like lead role and the savior and all that. But if you take issue t anything I say, or you read from AJ please feel free to express your opinion. My email is

In regards to the picture — that sparkly shit better stay in the picture and not all over my blog *glares at AJ*

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