Today’s word doesn’t really bring up any information of ramblings. Impound => Police though that kinda does. AJ’s reading a book How to Design a Kick Ass Villain. It’s pretty good. But we are going through all 4 book villains and the overall story we are trying to tell in the whole world series of things. And AJ’s thinking that MAYBE The Dragon needs to play a bigger role in the whole thing.

More betrayal. But just to be more of a surprise to how things work. We have been reworking characters and doing some of that thing so it kinda makes some sense. We also probably need to include more Lucy in the story. AJ’s got notes upon notes and she’s working on a story bible application or a markdown wiki that she’s liking so far. There is at least one more tweak she needs to make before we can actually start using it. The rest is all icing on the cake stuff that will make it more wiki like.

We will definitely let you know when the stuff is working both code wise and when here is a story bible to throw up so you can peruse it.

But anyway. Nothing from today’s word not directly tho. The Dragon might become a cop instead of a sleezy business man… still working on it.

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