Planet Earth

So today’s word makes AJ think of Sci fi. And there was once a world where Sage Parker (the original Sage Morgan) who was going to be a super human computer aboard a space ship. Planet earth had been destroyed by mankind, and the last vestige of hope for humanity lay in the space ship worlds they created to search for a new home.

I was set to be a mutant cause of my ability to manipulate the elements.

But the idea of making a sci-fi ship was daunting. The technology required. But now that AJ thinks about it that might be better than the cyber-punk version of the story. Tho I doubt I will give AJ time to create a new world much less time to write anything but me.

The current AU is an alternate me. The one change that AJ made to my prehistory was, “What if Order never infused me with Umbra?” That would mean I grew up with my sister, and my mother. But it goes back even further than that. What if my mother was never bitten by a werewolf and thus becoming Venatori. How did she meet Kai? Pretty much the same way. Kai was in town hunting monsters and he hooked up with a human. This is a deviation for Kai but maybe LeeAnn was a bit persuasive and he is a horny man.

But I’m still half Venatori. And I still have my magic. It’s not enhanced by the umbra so I sparked silently and without major incident. But without help I see the patterns of the elements, I don’t know how to shield. I suffer from major migraines because of it. And the things I see and think are beyond me. I eventually learn I can make fire, and do some things with my magic, but only basic things. I’m a royal mess. I take to drugs to feel numb to the things I see and think. And I’ve attempted to take my own life on several occasions — landing me in Appelgate Asylum, a mental health facility with long term care options. And I get to meet Alex inside.

It’s interesting. I doubt AJ will ever let anyone outside of a few eyes see it. Mostly because of it’s depiction of the inside of a mental health ward. She is taking pieces from experiences she’s been told (first hand) about but still it’s not something AJ has heavily researched. It’s just a story for her, and me. (and our alpha reader and Alex). But if you are interested AJ is more than happy to share it with you when it’s completed — privately.

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