Doing well

So I have no excuses this month. AJ’s challenged me to post everyday (at least a new post every day we can write it days ahead if we so desire…)

And to be truthful it’s not so hard till the weekend comes and we have to remember to write something cause we didn’t plan ahead. It used to be so natural to do this. Now it’s a lot more rambling than I’m used to. Not that I don’t like to talk mind you.

AJ is working on a short story. We need readers by the end of the week to look at it if you are interested. It’s a story about my mother, I’m not in it. I’m not even a twinkle in her eye yet. It’s less than 1K. If you are interested shoot me an email ( or post a comment with your email and I’ll shoot it on over to you.

We want to say something else too. AJ’s new laptop gets hot easily. Some of the vents are on the bottom so it was overheating quickly. AJ read that if you give it room to breathe it’s fine. So she’s been proping it up with something while waiting on a little metal h-frame angled stand (it doesn’t adjust) but it keeps the computer at the perfect angle. Like THE perfect angle for typing. AJ’s like where have you been all my life! It’s so much better than the flat board she typically uses. It’s comfortable. Just wow. She’s very impressed. And it’s so simple of a design. And the laptop doesn’t get hot at all.

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