I will never talk about the presidency or politics or any current event in a political fueled nature. I might throw something out there, but I typically don’t follow politics. AJ’s thing carried over to me. But I’m not really interested in human politics, Your rules hardly matter to me.

I mean they do. But the Venatori believe they are above the law. And I’m not really much different. We follow our own laws. The laws of the supernatural. There are a lot of law breakers even in that. The Venatori handle only a fraction of what is really classified as breaking the Clandestine Providence.

All those vampire cults, and werewolves marrying humans. They are all minor infractions. The Morgan’s taking in Sage before they knew he was a path is a violation. Me with Alex is a violation. My mother with my father is a violation except she was raised by Venatori.

Speaking of Which AJ’s writing a story about my mother…. right now it’s only 750 max words… we can hit up to 5K. AJ’s gonna play with the idea of breaking a promise on that story but it’ll be carried out through the years. So far it’s going well.

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