Partner In Crime

So love makes you do crazy things right?

AJ is currently writing an alternate universe in which Alex and I have been happily together since we were kids. We were partners in crimes on the streets. We were brothers at the same foster house. And we were each other’s first male lovers (my first lover at all, but Alex’s first boy). And we are the last lover too — as in the story Alex popped the question.

The question becomes what’s the conflict?

17K words and there really isn’t one. And AJ’s not sure if there would be one. We’ve an event coming up that could pose some conflict externally. So we keep on going.

AJ needs to start editing again. Go for broke with The Call of the Dragon, it is in need of a minor rewrite. Though not a complete one. More like rearranging scenes. Which AJ needs to sit down and do some of.

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