Being an Adult Sucks

This is AJ’s mantra today.


The simple answer — LICE! Her youngest has lice. The last time the girls had lice it took forever to get rid of them, and then AJ spends months feeling lice on her head like some kind of delusion. The air currents move tiny hairs on her head and that makes her think that there is lice where there is not.

She probably has never had any, never found any before, haven’t found any now. And AJ sucks at the combing specially since the youngest has super long hair. It sucks!

AJ hasn’t eaten properly in three days. She only slept last night because she was so tired, even went to bed without the traditional bed camp so the air doesn’t keep her awake at night by moving her hair while she tries to sleep.

Her morning was spent looking for other lice treatments that don’t require combing as a method of must do to get rid of them. Killing the nits is the most important thing. AJ has several treatments already but she’s afraid it’s going to be another long haul and is planning ahead. There is another treatment on the way this week.

To say AJ hates lice is an understatement. It affects her mental health far more than her actual health. It’s very possible AJ might make a trip to the doctor just to have them look at her head. Her eldest has looked, she’s used the camera to the best of her ability. But even that isn’t going to fix the mental part.

But I wouldn’t know about any of those problems. If I were real I’d just suffocate the little bastards where they lived — safely for the host of course. No human sized vacuum — just the scalp and hair in the head. They can go to the moon without getting on a rocket ship!

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