The Virus



2 minutes

AJ got her second shot today (the day we are writing this and it socked her in the face!). And today in the car while AJ is picking up the youngest brat, the oldest one asked AJ again when she was going to turn into a zombie. Which then progressed into them debating on the science of the Walking Dead zombies. So a scratch doesn’t claim people. AJ mentioned that’s how therianism works in her world — except it was specifically becoming a werewolf in the discussion.

SO… back to the topic. AJ told her that scratches don’t cause you to become a werewolf, but having sex could as it’s an STD. AJ then explains that werewolf bites and vampire bites kill a Venatori….

NOW wait a minute… if therianism is a sexually transmitted disease… What happens when a Venatori has sex with a werewolf?

Hmmm… Matt should be dead by this — the number of times they’ve even played at having sex could have been dangerous. So WHY is Matt not sick or dying? We know my mother died from it with in days. 

Are they being that careful? All the time? Plausible? 

But here’s the catch that AJ doesn’t even have to make up. Matt is a null — he cancels out any magic he touches. So Matt should be safe, right? Alex can’t read his mind. He routinely breaks my magic. So has Matt contracted the disease that causes therianism — but his innate ability to nullify anything magic saved him?

This is AJ’s big ah-ha moment with that discussion, but it needs to be explained in the story. Because I know for a fact somewhere Alex and I have this conversation and he goes, “Wait? What? You can become a werewolf by having sex with one?”

So that was AJ’s car ride this afternoon…

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