Supernatural Cops

The Venatori started out as a branch of the Aeternus. The ones who policed the supernatural. But the Venatori saw the flaw in the Aeternus. Their small minded thinking, the only thing they had going for them was their immortality. They were stuck in tradition.

And before you say well so are the Venatori now. They are, but they also changed some of those traditions. They started breeding with humans. Not just any humans though — ones with magical abilities, Wiccas and paths. They hand selected the people, so this branch of the Aeternus started gaining magical abilities. But in doing so they breed out the immortality, becoming mortal but magical.

In the end the Venatori killed all the Aeternus for crimes against humanity. Since the Aeternus bred slowly, like one child ever, they quickly died out. The Venatori becoming their own race of people who no longer had the breeding restrictions as a guide they enforced their own. At least 2 kids. Preferrably only two. A few familys disobey the rule — my father, and the Vega’s being two. The two is one meant to spur on your line, the other is meant to help spur on another line. Each child taking on the last name of the line to spread. It’s how the ruling families keep their rule. How my father’s line stays a ruling family and how the Vegas do too.

It’s an arachic system.



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