So today is the first day I’m back to writing every day. I’m a little nervous. And I really don’t know what to say. It’s been over a month since I’ve written anything for you. I enjoy these little talks we have, but I’m beginning to think they are all the same.

And I don’t want to bore you with that. AJ has a ton of different things we could do. But I’m not sure if we’d stick to this any better. Which is why the pregenerated word prompts for a month. This way AJ and I can write things that pertain to the word at hand ahead of time, and you can have words on time.

This post was written on the 28th… See how that all works?

AJ is nervous too. We aren’t ready to share ALL of it yet, but AJ decided not to release the short story we’ve been working on before The Call of the Dragon is released. Maybe we’ll release it after this one? I don’t know. But she hired a professional beta reader and it wasn’t a ‘short story’ it still felt like it was part of a bigger whole.

But AJ really does want to release it. Maybe for free? Maybe as part of the newsletter subscription. But that won’t entice new folks necessarily.

So we’ll see where that goes.

For the next month I hope you’ll stick around for the ramblings of a fictional character. I do like talking to you guys so lets hope we can stick to this slightly modified format. Feel free to use the word list too!



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