I’ve been AWOL

I know. I’m sorry. It’s not that AJ’s forgotten about me. It’s the opposite actually. AJ’s editing Dragon Hunting, attempting to edit The Call of the Dragon (book 1), she’s writing an AU for me and Alex (a second one — finished another one before), she’s gonna be working on a DnD 5e campaign for NaNo to run for her family. And her love has been working nights so things are just busy, and my blog hasn’t really got anything to say.

I can ramble at you all you want, but in short I say nothing new. AJ’s trying to think of something we can do here that doesn’t put the daily pressures of writing, but still so I don’t look so annoyingly empty. AJ really likes writing me. And I really like having a voice. So we want to keep this up, plus AJ wants to use this space as hey go read more buy my book type of space too. Like me — go buy the book. So it’s gotta be me quality and still offer a reason to buy the books.

Things on the table

  • Weekly Short stories — though to be honest we did that and AJ failed to write a story for everyone but the first week.
  • A weekly themed post or posts but we really don’t have any clues as to what we can do for that either. Just more of me rambling.
  • AJ’s not really wanting to share her writing process — but that is an option from my perspective as a main character anyway.
  • An on the fly scene with a choose your own adventure style ending. AJ really likes that idea. But that means ya’ll have to participate! (I said ya’ll… *glares at AJ*)

AJ’s also thinking about moving my daily interactions to Facebook and Twitter. I have tumbler and instagram as well but that’s a bit more niche and not my word so much. But it’s a possibility.

AJ’s getting into marketing the books now. But we are still a ways off in actually publishing something. The first will be Dragon Hunting. She’s got a newsletter that we really need to work on too. So much to do.

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