Calling Beta Readers

So AJ’s looking for beta readers. The public call was for people who hadn’t read stuff about me. BUT AJ said it’s okay if I throw it out you all too.

You’ve seen the story before. AJ’s not really revised it in terms of the story, but it has been edited and revised. Dragon Hunting is the current title of the Short Story. It’s a little over 3K words, and there is a couple swear words in it.

If you are interested in reading. You can shoot me an email at or post down below.

There is a survey attached, but you don’t have to fill it out as if you are here chances are you are here already cause you like me, and or my stories and already want more. But if there is any problems you see go ahead and check out the survey and answer. Or answer if you want to.

We appreciate it.

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