No Excuses



1 minute

There are no excuses for my absence. AJ wasn’t writing, and I wasn’t complaining. She was doing a binge watch of The Vampire Diaries and all writing ceased for those 4 wees of binging. Sorry!

But AJ is writing again. And we are trying to think up thing to do here that we can maintain. We might not get back into the everyday thing. That only works if AJ is inspired to keep up. I think we are going to shoot for twice a week at first. Though we are still thinking on it.

AJ’s working on book 6. We are excited about it. She still has to finish editing the short story. And then book 1 will begin the edit phase.

We have a potential interactive story in the work. But we’ll see. Right now AJ is trying to focus on writing again. And she has several projects in coding she’d like to do too, and at least one she has to finish.

But I am back, though probably not as frequently.

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