Anthony Giovanni

So today we are back to Character Interviews. Today we are going to talk with Ant. His fully name is Antony Giovanni, he is technically a Junior, but I think AJ keeps making him a III third, which is not the case so it makes me wonder what’ up with the Roman Numerals for his name. Could be II. Not III. Though technically Tony is actually Antonio Giovanni.

Nox: So the biggest question that first, if we Googled your name Ant, what would we find?

Ant: No idea. I expect nothing as that’s Jack’s job. To make sure Mom and her ilk don’t get published into the media so we don’t look out of the ordinary and can stay in a place longer.

Nox: You think there is nothing on you or Il Cane?

Ant: Between us and the Venatori I’m pretty certain no knows the existence of my mother or myself. There are no viable records for Ryan or any of the herd.

Nox: Do you really call them the herd?

Ant: (laughing) No. They are family. But that’s technically what they are — Mom’s herd. Those people see feed from.

Nox: So what do you do for fun?”

Ant: (looks sideways at Nox) Fine. For fun I like beating the shit out of you. Or Ryan. I enjoy video games and playing sports, but the latter is much more difficult unless it’s against other supernaturals. It’s hard to hide what you are in the heat of battle.

Nox: Are you a half-full or half empty guy?

Ant: Neither. I just keep filling it back up. I make my own happiness.

Nox: Was that always the case?

Ant: (growling) No. but it’s the truth now.

Nox: Since when?

Ant: (sighing) Since meeting you.

Nox: Why?

Ant: (shrugging) No idea. Just how the cards landed.

Nox: Okay you don’t want to talk about it, next question. What is your greatest fear? What keeps you up at night?

Ant: (laughs) Those are two completely different things. My greatest fear is always living in my mother’s shadow. But it does not keep me up at night. The thing that keeps me up at night that makes me afraid — the day you decide that me or my mother are not worth the air we breathe.

Nox: You think that day would come?

Ant: For my mother yes. One day. And it will be my job to protect her.

Nox: I thought you were sworn to me?

Ant: Don’t put me in that situation, I don’t know if I’d choose you over the woman who gave birth to me.

Nox: (nodding) Understood. (pause) Final question. What’s your spirit animal?

Ant: (laughs) Probably a crow. But I have no idea.




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