How cool is it when all the words can line up into a nice run in a post without too much effort. And today is Locations lore day. And since one of the words is actually the name of one of my favorite clubs we’ll do that — Aspect.

Aspect is a dance club that features a bar, a multi-tiered dancefloor. It’s owned and operated by Maxwell Slattery. His best friend Andrew Morris aka Drew heads up the bar and has invested heavily in the club.

The club is is located in New York City in the Meatpacking District on West 16th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. There are bars located in the vicinity in the real world, but Aspect is a purely made up bar.

Aspect has no real theme to it. There are are lots of purple and blue neon lights — the color scheme being purple blue and black. Now that we are talking about it, we see a galaxy painted on the ceiling and on the walls adding to the aesthetic.

There are some standing barstool tables, but it is first and foremost a dance club covering two floors. There is a stage where live performances play but usually is host to the DJ station. The layout of the dance floor around the stage allows for some cozy dance spots for intimate encounters. The coat room is a great place for those awkward introductions, or a distracted getaway.

Aspect shows up in the first book. As a teenager it was our go to club as they allowed in underage folks as long as you weren’t drinking which we weren’t. Just dancing. And it helps if you can persuade easily. Mia is very good at getting her way — not quite telepathic or empathic, but her gift is the ability to persuade others into doing things — even if you don’t want to. Which is probably why I was such a deviant — Sage too.