Poet Rhemus

In an effort to provide a theme for my ramblings so I don’t have to think up some random topic with some random words, AJ has put together a list of things for me to talk about. Monday is supposed to be motivational. And Tuesday is all about Characters.

We have a set of 14 questions at present, and AJ has chosen 5 randomly to ask various characters throughout my story. Today we are starting off with a big bad. A guy you’ll not get to see much of, but is a big player AJ hasn’t preanswered these questions for any characters including myself, so it’s all a bit new to us too.

By the way, if there are any fun questions you’d like to see here answered by myself or other characters comment or shoot me an email at nox.durante@gmail.com.

As the title suggests today we are going to be talking about Poet Rhemus.

Nox: First things first, Poet, I can call you Poet?

Poet: Sure, why not. It’s not like I can stop you.

Nox: (chuckling) Tell us a little about yourself.

Poet: Alright. My name is Poet Rhemus. I’m a vampire.

Nox: What kind?

Poet: (glaring) A primeval vampire. I was born a vampire, I will die a vampire. You would consider me one of the First.

Nox: Tell our readers what does that mean?

Poet: (sighs) I am one of the First Vampires ever born. My father was Cain, and my mother Lilith. I and dozens of other vampires were their first children. The First Vampires as neither Cain, nor Lilllith were vampires.

Nox: Can you tell us what they were?

Poet: Cain was a human cursed to walked the lands forever. You’ve all heard the story of the One True God’s Garden of Eden. Whether or not you believe it was a god, or not doesn’t matter, the truth is still the same. Cain was cursed. Lilith is a demon.

Nox: Can you tell our readers what is your deepest secret? I’ll plug my ears so I can’t hear. (Spoilers to follow folks!)

Poet: Sure. Since I don’t have a choice in the matter, being as this is world building for our creator. My biggest secret is I was not given the name Poet. It is an anagram for my true name.

Nox: And that is?

Poet: (sighs) Prometheus.

Nox: So you gave humanity fire.

Poet: (nodding) Yes.

Nox: Is that your biggest regret?

Poet: (laughing) That wasn’t supposed to be the question, but yes. Giving humanity fire is my biggest regret. Look at the world they have created. The world is a shit pile and it’s all because of them. We could live in a near paradise if not for their so-called scientific advancements.

Nox: But without you they would be slaves to the supernatural. You gave humanity independence. You freed them from the darkness they feared.

Poet: And look where it got us.

Nox: (sighs) We aren’t hear to argue — that’s what the story is for. Next question. What is the worst thing that has happened to you?

Poet: (laughs) Having a pesky boy foil my plans.

Nox: (laughs) We can’t give away all the story details.

Poet: (smirks) They’ve read most of it here if they have been here a while.

Nox: Still, let’s not spoil the whole story. What is your greatest fear? What keeps you up at night?

Poet: (laughs) That meddling boy actually. There is power in him like none the world has ever seen. I was given the same power. I saved humanity with it, as did the first Ascendant before me. Third times the charm? But you will not win this war — you cannot. Humanity is a plague upon this earth that must be tamed or we will all be destroyed.

Nox: All doom and gloom after saving them. Irony, right? So last question on a more fun note. What is your spirit animal?

Poet:(rolls eyes) How would I know? Apparently after a little research by our creation my Spirit animal is a Fox.

Nox: Thanks for coming and spilling a few good morsels of world lore and juicy bits about stories to come.

Poet: Anytime, I have no choice in the matter.

Nox: I hope you all enjoyed this. It was pretty fun to write or so AJ says. I won’t guarantee that it’ll be like this next week, but we’ll see. I’m out, see tomorrow.

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