Really Lax

Sorry everyone I’ve let my blog get away from me. My goddess has been doing the holiday brain fry thing. We’ve done very little the past week. She’s working, while the rest of the family is at home. The joy — but it is quiet.

But with all the holiday shuffle, AJ is also working on new stuff for the blog. We are going to start off every week with a Weekly Writing Prompt, that ya’ll can participate in. And AJ will write up something for me on the fly for a Saturday posting. If we get anyone sharing their own stories, I will try to get a post in where I have read and oohed and ahhed over them here. But that’s up in the air as we don’t know if anyone will participate.

This year is ending, and boy has it been a year. AJ finished round 1 of edits of the Call of the Dragon! We plan on publishing a short story in ebook form end of the first quarter, and the Call of the Dragon by years end. At least that is the goal! AJ’s also hoping to start up a newsletter, and maybe get that rolling out once a month end of Q1. And maybe even start up the pod cast I’ve been poking her about. I don’t expect it to be out by end of Q1 but hey it’d be nice, there are a few more technical aspects to that that AJ has to do some research on since she doesn’t want me to sound like her!

I expect this next week to be just as lax as the last one. AJ’s trying her best to stay on task. And we are almost ready for beta readers on the short story. If any of ya want to read it first and make comments shoot me a comment, or email me at and I’ll pass ya along to AJ. Though she will be looking for some very specific people — particularly ones who’ve never read about me. As this is the first introduction some people might see AJ wants to make sure that what she wants to come across does without prejudice and knowledge.

But you are welcome to read it if you’d like to.

I belated Merry Christmas to everyone and I wish you all the very best in the following year.

5 thoughts on “Really Lax

  1. “We are going to start off every week with a Weekly Writing Prompt, that ya’ll can participate in.”
    Ooo! I’m up for that! 😊

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    1. Cool. First month will be rory cubes.

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      1. Sunday 6am est or cst I don’t recall what the timezones is set to. I think cst so aj doesn’t have to do math.

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