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AJ is shy. That’s why she created me. I’m not shy. I’m very vocal and it’s easy to pretend to be me than it is to be her. Not that there is anything wrong with her, she’s just highly self conscious.

But before Patreon changed to its current model AJ created a creator’s page. We’d like to use it. But sorta stumped on what we could offer that was worth money being given monthly. AJ’s okay with giving free copies of the ebooks for the monthly subscription and even the whole revised book chapter by chapter when we are at the end of the polishing stage. And behind the scene footage.

But honestly the story has already been shared here. We aren’t adding much new, and when we do it’s usually because AJ trashed an info dump scene but needed a few bits and pieces from it to make the story make sense. I don’t know if AJ plans on releasing short stories before each book is released. It might be something to do since there are some back story bits we could use to explain the story before you get to the story.

Do you have a patreon page? If so what do you offer?

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