Fun with Glitter



Glitter is one of today’s prompts. And last year about this time AJ wrote a short story about glitter.

Part OnePart TwoPart Three

Check out my freakout about Glitter it’s legendary.Well not really. But you get why I used the word lol.


  1. Hello, Nox and AJ. That’s a wonderful 3 part look into your magical world. I must say having a possible living doll is creepy though. Have you seen Doll Island in Mexico that place creeps me out and I’m 9000 miles away!

    Really beautifully told story there, well done!

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    1. Nox says:

      AJ Thanks you. Yes a living doll is very creepy. Even if you have never seen Chucky. While the magic of Elf on the Shelf is kinda cool. If I were a kid I think I’d be freaked out if there was this doll spying on me. AJ is glad the girls were too old by the time it became a thing. So much work.

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      1. It is really cool, but yeah definitely freaky. That Elf is a messy little bugger with all the glitter too!

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      2. Nox says:

        shudders I fucking hate glitter. Even more than I hate sand. Could seriously have killed Eddie for doing that, but my little Dragon is a smart one :)


      3. Yeah it looks pretty but gets everywhere doesn’t it! Its wirse than my Lucy dogs fur for getting in all the corners.

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      4. Nox says:

        fur is annoying. I don’t mind it so much but Fee/Eddie doesn’t shed much. AJ’s dog does tho

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