I never was big on watching sports. Well except swimming. There is just something that gets me going about a hot body covered in dripping water that gets me all hot and bothered. My first physical crush was on Dylan — a swimmer in the Academy. I loved watching him practice. Even after he kicked the hit out of me for trying to kiss him. I don’t know what I was thinking.

AJ had a thing for baseball and basketball. Well for a guy who played on the highschool team anyway. I never really understood the games. Though I do love when the ball goes through the hoop hitting nothing but net — swish!

But then you all know that I’m a big yoga guy anyway. I’m that girly guy who can bend fifty ways to Sunday and can probably out run most of you, and it has nothing at all to do with me being supernatural. Alex is just smirking over there in the corner as he watches me do all those bendy things. The comments he filters into my head make it really hard to concentrate.

The most sporty thing I did/do is sparring whether in a boxing ring, MMA ring or just in the Venatori ring where there are no real rules. I enjoy a good beat down. In more ways than one. But it’s calming knowing I can control my body that well. And there is nothing spontaneous about a match for me. I can read the patterns. It’s my only advantage when fighting the Venatori. Well that and the ability to weave air that no one can see. It’s a little cheating but I’m not really going to care one way or the other. Though the kids did in school. I even got out of our last match before graduation because they didn’t want to lose to the kid who was only half Venatori.

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