Sharing the Love

What a coincidence. Today AJ finished and today’s word from The Daily Spur is marketing.

There is still some work to do on AJ’s new site, but what’s important is the tracking app that she wrote that is behind the scenes. AJ needed a Test Drive Devloped website she could share, that show cased her work in a viewable mode since 90% of what she does isn’t viewable to anyone.

But it also kinda ironic that I’ve been chatting with Mason in the comments about the journey to publishing. It’s a long road for us. And I’d like to share with everyone that if you have a character you absolutely adore, who isn’t getting the love you need. I will throw my hat into your ring and push you out there to my world — to AJ’s world. It’s not large, but I believe in helping others. I may be fictitious in this world, but I am AJ’s voice. And I will share your beloveds with my lovely readers. All you need to do is point me to it and I will gladly give my fellow underloved characters a shout out!



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