My Bad

Let me explain. I was a bad blogger.

Well AJ was not in the mood to write. We took most of last week off of everything. NaNo was won, and she was burnt out — to be honest so was I. So we didn’t manage much.

AJ’s alpha reader gave me a bad idea. “Nox After Dark” a very NSFW blog. And now I’ve sorta run away with it. It may pass. It may not, but it’s a fun endevaor to think about while AJ does the editing thing. I could share a few of my stories, or even some of the other things in AJ’s head that are little more than smut.

But I’m sorry about my absence. I hope to do better this week!

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

4 thoughts on “My Bad”

    1. AJ says NaNo went well except that I made her write an AU for about week and we did no editing that week. But all words counted. And it’s good to be back. I do miss rambling. I need to get better and making AJ do it lol. (Among a few other things too)

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