Another AU

So I’ve been playing with a few stories in AJs head. She’s indulding me which when we are supposed to be editing it’s nice. I get antsy and AJ starts feeling stressed out if we don’t write. So before you start eyerolling at another AU, let me say that you probably won’t get to see it.

Now I hear a bunch of whining? Or is that just me laughing.

Anyway, AJ has it in her head to have it all about me and Alex NOT getting to have sex. We try, but we are always interrupted. So far she’s winning. Two attempts were thwarted by interruptions. And they don’t feel like they are forced, so I’m okay with that.

AJ named the story Coutus Interruptus. I want a story full of smut. AJ hasn’t written a good sex scene in a long time. And that’s mostly because she doesn’t want to have to cut it out later. Not that Alex and I aren’t having sex, just you aren’t seeing as much of it as I want. But that’s good too since we don’t have to post too many warnings here — cause AJ always forgets.

I’m hoping we diverge from her intended plan, but we’ll see. There really isn’t a goal only that when Alex and I do have sex the story kinda ends. AJ’s goal is to have it be us getting to know each other and falling in love even without the physical act — the attraction is always real. But can these two versions of us hook up without it? We’ll see. We’ve had a few ideas of what happens. Some of them are us in bed after having sex. But there are some versions too of the two of us talking on the train and instead of attempting to make out we end up talking instead — and really enjoying each other’s company — which Alex and I do. It’s not about the sex, though we like to pretend that it is.

AJ’s alpha reader has a really cool idea that one of them might write one day. 50 first dates… me and Alex in a loving and lasting relationship but going on first dates — pretending we don’t know each other. I can see future us doing that. Hooking up down the road pretending we don’t know each other just to try and bring some spice back to our very long lives. That could be a short AJ writes lol… but WAY in the future.

BUT if you’d like to read I’ll gladly post it here, but I warn you AJ may not finish it like the last few. Because editing does take priority and without a plan the words to tend to be a jumble at times.

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