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A little big of world lore, and how AJ came up with it. Which basically is a ‘rip off’ of something in Dragon Age. The idea that a mage can be stripped of their powers making them tranquil. So a Magnus — a person who can wield the elements can be stripped of that ability. I imagine since everything comes from the same thing, that all supernatural creatures could be stripped of their powers.

But as with Dragon Age’s tranquils, a tacet loses themselves as well. Think labotomy!

Tacet is latin for ‘is silent’. So the connection to the umbra is silence. Imagine if the Venatori realized they could strip a vampire of their magic as punishment. Since magic is the only thing keeping them alive — it’s essentially murder. Do the Venatori already know this? Opting instead to just kill a vampire as it’s easier.

So can we cure Therantropy from a bitten human? What does it do to them? The idea is horrrific. Could you choose to change 3 days out of the month or lost the part of you that make you you? Could you make that choice?

I don’t think I could. I definitely know I wouldn’t want to use it as a punishment. It’s worse than death if you ask me.

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